Why SEO Matters When Starting Up An Online Business

When you are starting your own online business, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is one of the most important concepts of your internet business. Your website’s SEO is the way that search engines scan your website’s content to produce results for people who are searching for information on the internet. And, for any online business start up, you need the search engines to drive website traffic to your website.

If you are starting up an online business, there are two main types of search engine optimization.

On Page SOE is like an online business startup checklist for your website. It is about your content, internal website links, navigation, page structure, keyword density and any images, video or audio on the pages of your website.

The second is Off page SEO. This is also known as link building and is process of developing links back to your website from other websites. This is achieved by strategies including article marketing, social bookmarking, links from social media and video marketing.
In this article we will look at On Page SEO because when you are starting your own online business it concerns everything that is actually on your website. Even if a search engine does find your website page, if there is nothing relevant on the page in relation to the search it will not rank your website in its listings.

The first step of starting online business SEO is to create your keywords. These are the words that somebody will use online when looking for a product or service connected to your business. You need to take time and consideration when creating your keywords because without them your website will not be found by the search engines.

Ideally, you should look to have approximately 500 words per page on your website with between 4 to 8 keywords within the text. The amount of keywords on the page is called keyword density. Remember to write your content so that it can be easily read by people, not just by search engines. If you just load a page full of keywords about your internet startup ideas, your website may be marked as spam and not get ranked at all.

Specific keyword phrases will rank better than just single or generic keywords. There is a lot of competition online for general keyword terms. If your keyword phrases are too generic there will be less likely to rank well in the results. There are several free online tools to help you choose your keywords. These include Wordtracker, SEO Book Keyword Tool and Keyword Eye.

Be Creative With Your Website.

The more creative you are with your online business startup, the higher your website will appear in the rankings. Put unique and different content on each page and add graphics to make it more attractive to your visitors. Each graphic should have a keyword attached to it, called an ALT tag. This is because search engines cannot see graphics but they can use ALT tags to decipher what an image is or what it is representing.

When writing your content keep your paragraphs short and make use of bullet points and sub headings. When you are starting your own online business you will most likely have plenty of new content to put onto your website in the early days. But you must carry on adding content to your website regularly. Search engines like fresh content and will rarely provide results that are based out of date content. Also, ensure that your website does not have any broken links.

7 Best Practices For Top Search Engine Rankings

When one of your potential customers uses a search engine to find what they are looking to buy, you want your online business to be at the top, or at least on the first page of the results. If your website SEO (search engine optimization) is not created correctly, your customers will have great difficulty in finding you online.

Your SEO strategy will determine how search engines check the content of your website to produce results. The 7 SEO best practices below will enhance your rankings and potentially even get your online business to the top of the list.

1. Use The Best Keywords.

This is the most important part of your SEO strategy. Keywords are the words and phrases that somebody uses when they are looking for something on the internet. You need to be sure that the words you use within your website are the words that most people search for when looking for information connected to your online business. You need to be sure to choose the correct SEO keywords as it is one of the most important factors in gaining good search engine rankings. There are several free keyword tools that can help such as Wordtracker, SEO Book Keyword Tool and Keyword Eye.

2. Use Keywords In Your Title Tags.

What is a Title Tags? Your title tag is the heading you use for your web page title. Search engines display title tags in their results and is the most important area of your SEO to have your keyword. This will show up as the title of your website in the search results.

3. Use Java Script Menus With Caution.

Java Script is a programming language used to make web pages interactive. It runs on your visitor’s computer and is often used to create polls and quizzes. Search engines do not recognize Java Scripts and therefore should be used sparingly. If certain parts of your website do contain Java Script you will want to create a site map.

4. Maintenance And Consistency.

If you want your website to maintain good search engine rankings, you will need to update your website regularly. One important aspect of your SEO strategy is keeping an eye on your competition and changing your keywords accordingly.

5. Put Tags On Your Website Images.

One the SEO best practices that is often forgotten is the traffic you can receive from images on your website. Search engines can read the descriptions that you give to your images. An ‘alt image tag’ is the text that a website visitor sees when their cursor moves over an image. This text is also read by the search engines and is a great place to embed keywords.

6. Stay Away From Backlink Spamming

Make sure your backlinks are of quality and not just spam as a way to add more keywords. This will only lower your rankings.

7. Your SEO Has To Be Relevant.

The more keywords that appear in your website content the higher your ranking will appear. But only use them in places that will make sense. A page just full of keywords will not work and the search engines will not rank your website. Well placed keywords can be made bold or underlined to make them stand out.

Online Trends You Should Pay Attention To

The online world and IT world as we know is ever changing. Software or strategies that we used 5 years ago might not be applicable in today’s world.

Hence it important to be kept up-to-date with the latest updates and resources in order for your online business to grow and prosper.

Below are 5 online marketing trend that you should really pay attention to if you want to create a long term successful business.

1. Content Marketing

Yes, content is king. Content marketing has been on the internet marketing trend list since 2012. Content marketing is a marketing method using content such as blogs, images, videos, eBooks and webinars to attract and engage highly targeted potential customers.

2. Social Media

Social media was big in 2013. It continues to be under the spotlight this year. The value of social media is to help you connect with your customers and reach out to larger audiences beyond your wildest dream. However, it doesn’t mean that you can always achieve this goal for free. According to Facebook, “the best way to get your stuff seen if you’re a business is to pay for it.” Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all have their paid promotion program. Google+ will soon follow the suit. So it is better to consider social media advertising as you plan for your social media marketing in 2014.

3. Go Mobile

The latest mobile growth statistics shows that 91% of all people on earth have a mobile phone. Fifty percent of mobile phone users use their mobile phones as primary Internet source. As of June 2013, Nielsen reported that 61% of mobile phone users use smart phones in the US. The increase is more than 10% from 2012.

4. Be Visual

Beautiful images are “eye candy.” The increasing popularity of image sharing sites such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram proves it again and again the power and viral potential of image-based content. Jayson DeMers counted this as one of the top online marketing trends in 2014. He said,

“Successful blog posts that receive the most social shares also usually have a common characteristic: they pepper in some well-placed pictures to break content up and emphasize certain points. Another example is infographics, which combine images with a minimal amount of text to explain a topic and provide statistical information or data from research studies.”

When you write a blog post, use one or two well-selected pictures to make your content more engaging.

5. Video Marketing

Since 2012, more and more online marketers have been using videos to market their products, generate free traffic and build their email list.

Anita Loomba listed it as one of her top digital marketing trends in 2014. She believes that video has the ability to convey a message that is ten times more powerful than text content.

“… great video content has the potential of becoming an overnight viral success. Also, with apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Vine, videos are being created, viewed and shared on mobile devices. Facebook has also introduced and enhanced their mobile ads platform. Combined with the mobile potential, we predict that video marketing will grow even more in 2014.”

Adjusting Your SEO to Improve Your Brand Through Content

Writing top-quality content is an absolute must if your brand and your business are to succeed. Of course, there is a lot more that goes into writing content than just writing content! It takes research to come up with topics and after you have come up with the ideas, you need to study so that your credible resources support your topic. After you have written and shared, you need to optimize your content so that it gives you a high ranking in the search engines. All that is so that other people can find you when they search.

Getting other people to notice what you are doing and buy into it
If you don’t post top-quality content and it is not optimized effectively for the search engines, it won’t get you anywhere. It is that simple. The writing may seem easier than the optimizing. However, there are some easy adjustments that you can make to the search engine optimization (SEO) part of it, which will hopefully bring you fantastic results.

Start with the writing
If your content writing (whether you write the content yourself or you have someone else do it for you) is not top quality, it won’t take you very far. That is the number 1 requirement. If your content contains errors, is inaccurate, or is just not expressed well is that the reader will become distracted by all of those obstacles and he or she will not be able to pay attention to what you are trying to say. You need to make sure that your content doesn’t contain any obstacles of any kind. When it comes to the search engines, it is important that your content is recognized as good quality. It seems like a stretch that the search engines are sophisticated enough understand the difference between good writing and bad. However, there are ways that the search engines can accomplish this.

Analyzing behavior: The truth is that the search engines have the ability to intuitively understand certain human behaviors. For example, the search engines understand bounce rates and the amount of time that readers spend on any given page. A lot can be deduced from that. The bounce rate is the amount (or percentage) of people who arrive on a given page but then quickly abandon that page without any additional interaction. The other factor that the search engine focuses on here is how long a person actually spends on a given page. All of that is calculable for the search engines.

Compliance with SEO guidelines: The fact is that following the guidelines is very important. If you don’t follow the guidelines, the search engines will know and it will not be good for you. On the other hand, if you comply with the guidelines, you will be found easily by others and the search bots will be able to index your website. That way, your target audience members will find you easily and quickly. You certainly don’t want to end up being punished because you didn’t follow the rules.

Paying attention to reviews: The truth is that people review your content. It is not correct to assume that only machines are doing the work. The search engines rely on those humans to give human reviews. When you are writing content, it is essential that you write it in a way that you feel will be valuable and educational to others.
Next, optimize your content
It isn’t enough to merely write the content well. You also need to optimize that content so that you are able to acquire real results. You need to think like a search engine. If you are able to do that, the results that you achieve will most likely be really good. When it comes to your content, you will want to consider the following elements:
A compelling headline with a strategically places keyword or key phrase
Paragraph headlines with effective keywords or key phrases
A link between the article title and the teaser (opening) paragraph
Titles and subtitles with appropriate heading levels
A meta-tag with the most important keyword or key phrase
Include graphic images: It is an established fact that your content must be well written. However, it is important to consider that there are many people who are visual. That means that they react very positively to images. Graphic images will go a long way to enhancing your written content. If up to this point, your content only contains words, and your traffic is light, it is really time to consider adding a graphic element. You may be surprised at the positive results that you achieve.
Use effective backlinks: Links are important for your content and they will always be important. A backlink is one of the few ways that your target audience members can interact with you. It is all about the relationship that you are able to establish. Of course, it goes without saying that your links need to be reliable. They need to function well so that the other person arrives at the right place when he or she clicks on your link.
Make sure that your content contains a social element: You will definitely want to include social buttons in your content so that other people can interact (with you and with each other) and share your valuable content. Social media is one of the essential elements of your business’ foundation. Always remember to include the social element in whatever you are doing.
Give people the opportunity to start a discussion: A comments section is extremely important. You want to give other people the opportunity to share their thoughts and their opinions. Very interesting ideas and progress have come from lively discussions. Of course, you must also be prepared for the potential for some negative comments as well. They are just as important (if not more important) for your growth as positive comments.
Make sure that you have a strategically placed call-to-action (CTA): Not only is a CTA critical to your brand’s success but where you place that CTA (or multiple CTAs) is just as important. You want to place your compelling CTA in a place where it will do the most good and be seen the most easily. If you do it properly, your CTA should bring you more traffic and generate more buzz about your brand.
The marriage of top-quality content and effective SEO is a very important one. Having one without the other is not nearly as effective as the two together. Your content needs to be valuable to others and your optimization efforts allow you to get noticed so that other people have the opportunity to appreciate and benefit from what you can do for them. Writing great content without effectively optimizing it is like building a casino in the desert. It is amazing but nobody knows about it. SEO should never be an afterthought. It is a necessity, not a luxury.
Michael Cohn is the founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of CompuKol Communications. He has over 25 years of experience in IT and web technologies. Mr. Cohn spent a significant amount of time at a major telecommunications company, where his main focus was on initiating and leading synergy efforts across all business units by dramatically improving efficiency, online collaboration, and the company’s Intranet capabilities, which accelerated gains in business productivity. He also reduced company travel and travel costs by introducing and implementing various collaboration technologies.

His expertise includes business analysis; project management; management of global cross-matrix teams; systems engineering and analysis, architecture, prototyping and integration; technology evaluation and assessment; systems development; performance evaluation; and management of off-shore development.

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